icon analytics 3.0


Get data analyses and insights into platform usage at a single glance.

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Gain full insights into the usage behavior of your tenants.


Gain insights into your buildings
Find out what is going on in your properties by analyzing the collected data.


Third-party integrations  
Track usage of your integrated third-party features and evaluate further additions of services.


Data-driven decisions
Use all data relating to your tenants and buildings to make data-driven decisions.

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  • Dashboard for easy display of most important key figures
  • Information on the usage behavior of agents & tenants
  • Make comparisons between buildings and service providers

Gain insights into your buildings

  • Review the performance of property management processes
  • Evaluate quantity and content of tenant inquiries
  • Gain insights from pinboard contents and other communications
  • Make data-driven decisions

Third-party service providers

  • Track usage of third-party features
  • Choose further integrations based on usage data
  • Comprehensive insights from data help to make objective decisions
Other functionalities
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