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Make guest rooms, community rooms or sports equipment available for booking. Handle the entire process including the payment digitally.


Make your assets "bookable"
Offer your tenants guest and common rooms, etc. for booking and reduce your administrative efforts


Choose available time frames
Add bookable resources through the Cockpit and define selected days and/or time periods for booking.


Payment via app
App users can conveniently pay with their credit card through the app, or request a quote.


Integrate smart access systems
The integration of digital access systems allows rooms to be opened without complicated handing over of keys.

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Make your assets "bookable"

  • Make common rooms, meeting or fitness rooms bookable digitally 
  • Add booking descriptions
  • Choose between paid and unpaid bookings
  • Automate booking processes - save time!

Choose available time frames

  • Allocate available weekdays for your booking
  • Choose specific time frames
  • Avoid double bookings
  • Provide a transparent overview of booking availabilities
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Payment via app

  • Add prices to the booking description
  • Offer credit card or other payment types on the app
  • Payment confirmation via email for tenants
  • Provide a simple booking overview for the tenant

Integrate smart access systems

  • Enable room access without a physical key
  • Integration of bluetooth or combination locks possible
  • Flexible access to the booked object or assets
  • Limit access to the chosen booking period
Other functionalities
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