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Whether cleaning, food or flower delivery: with our integrated e-concierge you can provide selected services to your tenants via the app.


Integrate services providers
Integrate local services into the app and create an outstanding tenant experience.


Booking through the app
Tenants can book and pay for their desired services by selecting them in the app.


Stand out from the competition
Create added value that goes beyond a regular tenant experience and set yourself apart from the rest of the market.


Payment via app
App users can conveniently pay with their credit card through the app, or request a quote.


Integrate service providers 

  • Integrate local service providers into the app
  • Whether car wash, shirt cleanings, or catering services
  • Create added value that goes beyond a regular tenant experience
  • Digitize and simplify your booking processes

Convenient booking through the app

  • Make offers and booking easily accessible via app
  • Add further service providers at any time
  • Order processing directly between tenant and the service providers
  • Create a unique tenant experience
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Stand out from the competition

  • Increase the attractiveness of your properties
  • Reduce vacancies 
  • Increase tenant satisfaction 
  • Improve your service offering 

Payment via app

  • Add prices to your booking descriptions
  • Make credit card or other payment options available
  • Payment confirmation via email for tenants
  • Provide simple booking overviews for your tenants
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Other functionalities
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