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What is Allthings Essential?

Allthings Essential is a digital tenant management solution for small and medium-sized real estate companies taking their first steps toward digitalization.

Essential establishes a communication channel to each tenant in your entire portfolio, thus giving you an unprecedented level of control and efficiency in the areas of communication, ticketing and documentation.

Why Allthings Essential?



Allthings Essential is an affordable solution that focuses on boosting the efficiency of interactions between tenants and management to save both time and money. We counter rising costs with simple efficiency increases to keep your returns stable.

  • Central or individual communication with all tenants at the push of a button
  • Ticketing system to automatically receive and pre-sort tenant requests and inquiries
  • Digital document filing system that reduces both the time you spend on correspondence and postage


Bring tenants and management together in one single interface to facilitate seamless communication between all parties involved plus strengthen the tenant community and offer better services at the same time. Strengthen your relationship with your tenants while boosting their satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Take advantage of the possibilities offered by digital communication to the benefit of your tenants (fast, central and proactive)
  • The Service Center lets your tenants submit requests and inquiries 24 hours a day
  • An integrated ticketing system ensures that tenants are automatically notified of any changes to the status of their requests or inquiriesv
  • Your tenants can access documents 24 hours a day at a central location


Greater efficiency and transparency reduce stress and the number of requests and inquiries received. Quick, proactive communication that requires less effort will boost satisfaction among both tenants and staff.

  • More satisfied tenants make for more satisfied staff
  • Even the simple fact that requests and inquires are submitted via a Service Center shields employees from potentially angry confrontations
  • Prevent multiple time-consuming, possibly emotional phone calls on the same topic (like no hot water, for example)
  • Digitally reported incidents can be processed much more efficiently and with less hassle through the use of a ticketing system


Allthings Essential is an entry-level platform for digitalizing your tenant management. Clear steps for implementing the platform ensure that it can be set up quickly and easily. Plus, its open, modular architecture ensures that future solutions and other systems can be flexibly integrated as needed.

  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Specifically designed as an entry-level digitalization solution
  • Open, modular architecture to enable the integration of other solutions

Which functions does it offer?

It’s simple: the app and all the core features you need to optimize your communications with tenants plus the Cockpit to publish content with ease and handle requests efficiently.



Use the Pinboard to post important information at the press of a button. And tenants can post information here too.


My apartment

Store important documents for your tenants online under My Apartment – comply with your duty to inform without sending out bulk letters!


Service Point

The Service Point gives tenants a place where they can submit requests and inquiries any time, day or night. Even at 3 a.m. – thanks to our ticketing system.


My building
from A-Z

From the garbage pick-up schedule to the house rules to access to underground parking. Go here to find general information about the property.

How does the trial period work?

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  2. Send us your Corporate Design Send us your logo, a background image and your company colors.
  3. Access within 3 days You will receive 4 access profiles to try out the core functions of the app and the Cockpit from both the management’s and a tenant’s perspective.

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Please contact Alexander Huber if you’re interested in a trial version or Allthings Essential or if you have any questions of a more general nature.

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