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Simply upload rental agreements and other important documents to the platform and make them available to your tenants.


Upload documents
Provide your tenants with all important documents. Uploaded documents are immediately visible in the app.


Everything related to the  building
Whether garbage schedules, house rules or invitations to assemblies: here you can store all information centrally for your tenants.


Rental contracts & service charges
Simply upload contracts or invoices in the app. Interfaces ensure that documents are only visible to the recipient.


Promote sustainability
Save paper, printing and shipping costs by delivering documents digitally through the app.  

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Upload documents 

  • Upload selected documents with only a few clicks
  • Make documents available to all or individual tenants only
  • Distribute information quickly and efficiently
  • Add or remove documents at any time

Everything related to the building

  • Important information for tenants centrally accessible in one place
  • Documents can be downloaded by tenants
  • Invitations to assemblies, garbage schedules, etc. always at hand
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Rental contracts & service charges 

  • Deliver all documents relating to the rental via app
  • All invoices and contracts at a glance
  • Clear organization of documents with subfolders
  • Tenants can download documents at any time

Promote sustainability 

  • Reduce paper consumption 
  • Save printing and shipping costs
  • Promote environmentally friendly living
Other functionalities
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