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Allthings offers over 100 functions, each from leading industry specialists.
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Management & Administration

We bring together all key systems for building management, allowing you to establish start-to-finish processes. This ensures fewer media incompatibility issues, quicker processing, and more time to address the issues that really matter. 

   ✓  Interface to ERP
Interface to CAFM
Document management
Issue management
Trade vendor portal


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Buildings & Environment

We network the most important intelligent systems for any modern residence. We support sustainability concepts and help prepare the data required for environmental certification. 

   ✓  Smart Home
   ✓  Energy visualization
   ✓  Tenant electricity models (central admin)

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Mobility & Parking Management

We support your mobility concepts with suitable digital solutions. Offer Carsharing at your properties or make it easier to book parking spots or e-charging stations. For uncomplicated transportation and greater sustainability. 

   ✓  Live traffic display
   ✓  Parking management
   ✓  Access controls
   ✓  Carsharing 
   ✓  Mobility information

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Convenience & Logistics

We digitize the most essential logistical elements for your building. That translates into uncomplicated tenant changes, greater convenience, and more satisfied tenants.

   ✓  Parcel boxes
   ✓  Postbox systems
   ✓  Cleaning services
   ✓  Elevator information
   ✓  Digital bulletin boards
   ✓  Relocation services

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Shared Resources & Services

There’s nothing better in life than sharing! Our platform allows all residents to book common resources. Washing machines, guest rooms, and ebikes can be made bookable at the click of a mouse. Tenants will appreciate the improved service and the wealth of digitally accessible services.

   ✓ Smarte Schliesssysteme 
   ✓ Guest rooms / common spaces
   ✓ Sport equipment rental
   ✓ E-Concierge (reserving of local services)
   ✓ Co-working spaces 
   ✓ Reservation of washing machines

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Communication & Identity

A central site for neighbors to come together as a real community and share information efficiently. For improved communication and stronger tenant communities.

   ✓ Bulletin board
   ✓ Chat function
   ✓ Community functions
   ✓ Lending/selling community
   ✓ On-property events
   ✓ Informational articles

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Our Solution Packages 

We offer tailored solutions and service packages for any situation: Whether you're working with existing assets, a modern new construction, residential units with extra services or sustainability first — we outfit your building with matching digital functions.

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