Allthings for the Housing Industry and Integrated Operators

Efficient processes and digital communication between property managers and residents reduce costs and boost tenant satisfaction.

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Digitise core business processes and achieve a higher level of efficiency

Reduce operational costs, automate manual tasks and increase the efficiency of the team by up to 90% - all within one single platform.



Save costs and time with standardised and digitised operational processes.



Explore and achieve new ways to monetise your real estate assets, without piling on the cost.



Cater to the modern tenant with a modern interface and value-added services.



Keep vacancy rates low with increased transparency and centralised communication.

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The leader in digital tenant management   

Introducing Allthings: Optimise the efficiency of your team, automate manual tasks, and offer value-added services to your tenants.


Run efficient processes

With Allthings, 90% of all property-related incidents are processed through a ticketing system. Documents only need to be drawn up once. Features like booking tools, etc. reduce the manual workload - all within a single platform. Allthings helps you cut operating costs while simultaneously increasing quality of service.

Provide value-added services

Explore new revenue streams by offering additional services like an E-Concierge or facility Bookings on top of the core features that our platform provides. Integrate local providers from our Marketplace or incorporate your own third-party services via our API & SDKs.

Increase tenant satisfaction

Build tenant loyalty and decrease vacancy rates by creating a central communication channel to exchange information and resolve issues around the property. Your tenant will appreciate the transparency, active community life, ease of communication, and better services.

Reporting made easy

Access real-time insights on the performance of managed buildings with our analytics and survey tools, eliminating hassle when it comes to drawing up annual reports. Get detailed reports on incidents and in your buildings at the push of a button.

Avoid financial risk

Our proven framework for "Proof of Concept" helps you to validate the viability and feasibility of the project quickly - in a cost-effective way. With 7 years of experience on the market and successful implementations across Europe, we have the knowledge, expertise and proven processes to make your project a success.


Gain competitive advantage

Stay competitive and don't get left behind in this digitised industry. Innovate while keeping costs to a minimum. Take your first step towards digitisation with Allthings and lay the groundwork for your long-term strategy. 

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Quick start, expand over time

Getting started is easy: We have a four-step process that will guide you toward a successful launch. A modular design ensures that the Allthings platform can be adapted to your digitisation strategy on an ongoing basis.


Your designated Implementation Specialist will support you in configuring your Allthings solution based on your requirements and business needs.


Our experienced product trainers, supported by our training and support tools, will ensure that your team is fully capable of operating and managing your Allthings platform. 


We will help you to successfully launch your Allthings app with your tenants, providing guidance on the most up to date best practices around promoting your app with your tenant community.


In the long term, your designated Customer Success Manager will work with you to monitor and further develop your platform with the aim of making it even more successful.

In good company

More than 200 customers and partners rely on Allthings.

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