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Connect the platform via interface to your existing ERP or document management systems.

master data

ERP systems
Connect your ERP system to the Allthings platform and synchronize all tenant master data automatically and without errors.

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Document  management
The integration of your document management system with the Allthings platform enables an efficient delivery of all documents to tenants.

ticket computer

Ticketing & process management 
Connect our ticketing system/process management with your existing systems and never miss a tenant inquiry again.


Third-party systems 
Partners and service providers can be easily integrated via the existing API thanks to our open, modular platform structure.

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ERP systems 

  • Connect your ERP systems via standard interface
  • No double maintenance of tenant master data
  • Automatic synchronization in real time
  • Error-free transmission of tenant master data

Document management 

  • Easy integration of document management systems
  • Automatically make documents available to tenants
  • Upload rental contracts and service charge statements 
  • Reduction of paper, printing and shipping costs 
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Ticketing & process management 

  • Transfer tenant requests from Allthings into your system
  • Never miss important inquiries due to different communication channels
  • Eliminate double maintenance of tickets in two separate systems 
  • Automatic synchronization in real time

Third-party systems

  • The API enables easy integration of third-party systems
  • Integrate service providers and partners into the app
  • Expand the ecosystem for tenants and create added value
  • Offer tenants additional services and increase tenant satisfaction
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Other functionalities 
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