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Offer items for sale or share them for free within the neighborhood and promote a sense of community among your tenants.


Buy, sell, share & lend
Whether you are selling a bike or offering to share a ladder with the neighborhood, use the app to find buyers or help.


Upload items in the app
Upload pictures and item description easily in the app and add price suggestions.


Promote sustainable living
Pass on kids' clothes or give your old furniture a second life: promote sustainable living.


Strengthening the community 
Get to know neighbors, build relationships and offer support in the local area.

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Buy, sell, share & lend 

  • Marketplace: the micro-app for buying and selling in the neighborhood
  • Sharing: the micro-app for lending and sharing in the neighborhood
  • All registered users on the app will see your offered items
  • Arrange pick-up and prices easily through the app

Upload your items in the app

  • Upload item names and descriptions 
  • Add images
  • Provide a price suggestion if applicable
  • Enjoy uncomplicated selling or sharing!
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Strengthen the community & promote sustainable living

  • Offer your assistance to your neighborhood
  • Get to know your neighbors 
  • Give clothes, furniture, etc. a second life 
  • Promote sustainable consumption
Other functionalities
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