Micro applications

...and our definition of the term.

Like an app store for buildings

Allthings serves the real estate industry by furnishing it with a marketplace for digital building services. Just like in an app store, you can mix and match a wide range of communication, service and smart-home features conceived as “micro applications” and make these available to the users of buildings on smartphones, tablets or PCs through a user-friendly interface.

The Allthings platform currently comprises more than 50 micro applications that have either been designed in-house or integrated as proven partner solutions. Some examples of these include a digital service center to facilitate communications between tenants and management as well as apps that visualize and regulate personal water and electricity usage, open doors or reserve shared resources like laundry rooms, conference rooms or parking spaces.


The Allthings platform boasts a modular design and the openness needed to incorporate any choice of partners. For each building or geographical area, the right blend of services can be assembled from the micro application pool. The cloud-based Allthings platform uses standardized, REST-like interfaces (APIs) to communicate with the individual micro applications and the property’s smart installations, if it has any. Micro applications can be deleted or added without any additional programming or system integration required, and apps can always be flexibly configured for each individual unit.

Would you like to find out more about the Allthings micro applications and are you wondering which digital services might help you upgrade your properties? Please don’t hesitate to ask us for an individual consultation.