Ensure future efficient operation
during the planning and construction phases.

Let our experts guide you through the digital planning process for your new buildings.

Use digital solutions to boost the value of your new building. Seize the benefits of fully digitized operations and obtain real-time insights into what is going on in your neighborhoods.

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Networked new buildings

Simple selection of digital solutions

One integration platform in which all digital solutions can be seamlessly connected

One single login for tenants and operators

Simple and affordable implementation of new usage concepts

One dashboard for all tasks, for better planning of the workday

All data from all solutions available to property owner at any time



digital and smart solutions

are used on average in new buildings

Increased efficiency in operations

of technology solutions through coordinated interaction of components

Sustainability & efficiency

as the main focus for all stakeholders

„Only a few real estate companies are already working with comprehensively digitized processes. One key to successful digitization here is digital ecosystems and platforms that sustainably increase efficiency along the entire value chain."
Matthias Ortner
Equity Partner Advicum Consulting GmbH, CEO eMentalist.ai
„As a project developer and asset manager of commercial space, the satisfaction of our tenants is important to us. This includes being able to contact each other and exchange information in an uncomplicated manner. Digital communication helps us to increase efficiency, transparency and customer proximity."
Britta Ostückenberg
Asset Manager Real Estate Management Aurelis Real Estate GmbH
„We see a great need for new designs in operational real estate. We are convinced by the clear process and transparency orientation of the Digital Operator approach, which is why we enjoy working with Allthings as a service provider."
Jacques Hamers
„We value Althings as a trustworthy partner who also goes the extra mile and pragmatically implements further developments with us. Together, we can optimally connect the tenants, managers and administrators and thus make a significant contribution to increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction."
Cyril Kägi
Co-Founder, Networkmanager Buildings und Handwerk, JAROWA AG
„It's important to us that we can play in open ecosystems. With the tools that come from the Digital Operator target picture, we can elicit the best solutions and assemble a seamlessly connected software landscape."
Roger Rieder
CEO Elron Immobilien AG

Avoid costly media incompatibility issues in your operations

Plan your new building with the help of experts in the digital solutions.

Take advantage of our expertise to plan the digital infrastructure from the start. This prevents incompatible media issues and silo landscapes during operations. Our experts will guide you through all the necessary planning steps.

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Find and compare various digital solutions for your project.

Allthings makes it easy to select the right options from the wide range of solutions on the market.

Every solution in our ecosystem is reviewed and tested to ensure that they mix and match seamlessly. Our customers are informed directly when new partner solutions could provide even greater benefit.


Your call for bids is just a few easy steps away

Our experts can support you in composing a call for bids that is focused on interoperability.

Avoid the unnecessary cost and annoyance of digital systems that do not work in harmony.

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All parties are kept up to date throughout the life of the project

Avoid uncoordinated actions by any parties. Maintain an overview of your entire digital infrastructure, all in one place.

  ✓ One place for all digital solutions
  ✓ Status of all implementations in overview
  ✓ Direct and fully compatible transfer of data to the operator

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Solutions as individual as your property

Choose the best solution for your situation. We make integration simple:

  Modular, individually configurable
  Largest ecosystem in the real estate sector
  For every type of building

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