We have the largest digital
ecosystem in the industry

Allthings makes it completely simple to open up new markets
and grow with new customers.

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The Allthings Marketplace

In recent years we've built up a highly comprehensive network of hardware and software providers. Together we cover 90% of all processes involved with project planning, construction, and operations:

Our categories 

  ✓  Management & Administration
  ✓  Building Technology & Energy
  ✓  Mobility & Parking Management
  ✓  Logistics & Comfort
  ✓  Common Resources & Servicess
  ✓  Communication & Identity

Learn more about existing partnerships and the benefits. 

Our Partners

Join our ecosystem and present your solution to a broader market

The Allthings partner network is open to all solutions that improve tenant experience or simplify daily work for property operations. All solutions in the ecosystem can be combined with one another — thanks to our standardized connectors!

✓  Tap new outlets more quickly
✓  Increase incoming queries
✓  Secure higher average yields

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Simple integration thanks to standardized connectors

Our experience and expertise with a radical spectrum of connections is one of our greatest strengths. 

Allthings operates an open ecosystem based on the openAPI approach, with open documentation of the API and SDK. 

Our powerful interfaces form the basis for professional and goal-oriented expansion of the customer-specific platform solution. Allthings is your strong partner for integrating and operating your projects. 

 technical documentation  

We enhance your product with additional services

Our add-ons open up your product to a new market.

Allthings offers user management, device management, supplemental authentication, and security management for the data interface. In this way, we integrate your solution into the operative view of all building management tasks. 

Your focus remains on your own core competency — we handle the rest. 

✓ User management  
✓ Device management  
✓ Additional authentications  
✓ Security management at the data interface

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More than 100 partners are already connected with Allthings

We value Althings as a trustworthy partner who also makes advance payments and pragmatically implements further developments with us. Together we can optimally connect the tenants, managers and administrators and thus make a significant contribution to increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Cyril Kägi
Co-Founder, Netzwerkmanager Gebäude und Handwerk, JAROWA AG