Streamline operations at your portfolio of properties using a variety of networked digital solutions.

Allthings supports you in harnessing the full digitization potential for your operations. Just a few weeks are all that’s needed to maximize efficiency in your operations.

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property portfolios

One integration platform in which all digital solutions can be seamlessly connected

One single login for tenants and operators

Simple automation of processes

One dashboard for all tasks, for better planning of the workday

All data from all solutions available to property owner at any time

Affordable implementation of sustainability requirements


tenant centered

for greater satisfaction in both employees and tenants

Increased efficiency in operations

of technology solutions through coordinated interaction of components

Sustainability & efficiency

as the main focus for all stakeholders

„As a future-oriented company, Niederer AG not only works fully digitized, but also relies on modern tools for communication with tenants and partners. Today, we can rightly claim that the app from Allthings has been creating significant added value for years. Lean processes require innovative tools. We have chosen the right path."
Michael Hahn
Member of the management board Niederer AG
„As a project developer and asset manager of commercial space, the satisfaction of our tenants is important to us. This includes being able to contact each other and exchange information in an uncomplicated manner. Digital communication helps us to increase efficiency, transparency and customer proximity."
Britta Ostückenberg
Asset Manager Real Estate Management Aurelis Real Estate GmbH
„Only a few real estate companies are already working with comprehensively digitized processes. One key to successful digitization here is digital ecosystems and platforms that sustainably increase efficiency along the entire value chain."
Matthias Ortner
Equity Partner Advicum Consulting GmbH, CEO
„We see a great need for new designs in operational real estate. We are convinced by the clear process and transparency orientation of the Digital Operator approach, which is why we enjoy working with Allthings as a service provider."
Jacques Hamers
Only operated properties are good and valuable properties. For this mantra of Value One, we have been looking for an entrepreneurial approach to operations for years. The target image of a digital operator fits perfectly with our operational approaches in the residential, student housing, office and hotel sectors. In particular, we like the focus on efficiency plus tenant satisfaction plus sustainability."
Dr. Andreas Köttl
CEO of Value One
It's important to us that we can play in open ecosystems. With the tools that come from the Digital Operator target picture, we can elicit the best solutions and assemble a seamlessly connected software landscape."
Roger Rieder
CEO Elron Immobilien AG

Optimize your business processes using digital solutions.

We help you standardize and streamline your processes, automating them across multiple vendors and software solutions.

   ✓ Integrate new digital solutions smoothly and at any time
   ✓ Benefit from existing standardized connectors
   ✓ Work with seamlessly networked systems


Contact all your tenants directly with personalized messages, around the clock.

Reshape your operations to be 100% tenant-centered, saving time and money in your tenant communication.

   ✓  All tenants can be reached centrally from one location
   ✓  Communication via app, email, or screen
   ✓  Channel communication to the precise target audience
   ✓  No more posting of paper notices or mass mailings

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Get access to all operational tasks for your building in one convenient location.

No more repeated logins: find and control all solutions and devices from one location.

   ✓ One dashboard with an overview of all open tasks
   ✓ All tasks on all systems in one location
   ✓ Simpler and quicker processing
   ✓ Satisfied employees

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Quicker reaction times and automated processing of tenant issues.

Regardless of whether your tenants prefer email, phone, application, or web forms: all issues are collated in one location.

   ✓ Seamlessly connected solutions for resolving tenant issues, right up to invoicing
   ✓ Quicker reaction times thanks to clever notification mechanisms
   ✓ Coverage of all channels
   ✓ Automated processing where possible

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