The Allthings Platform

Connects all essential players for a future-oriented, digital tenant experience.

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The Cockpit

The Allthings Cockpit is available to all property managers as well as selected service providers selected for communication with tenants - either through a mobile app or web browser login. With the Cockpit, you can store all relevant tenant-related documents in a digital document storage system, take an important step towards standardizing your management processes and optimize the handling and management of all tenant enquiries.

Tenant app, email, smart webform, ...

Tenants can use all common communication channels to contact their property manager. Whether email, app, telephone, webform or chat: all tenant inquiries are collected centrally in the Cockpit for further processing by the property manager.

In addition, the app provides tenants with a pinboard, a service point for damage reports, a marketplace and digital sharing area among neighbors and other services available with just a few clicks. 

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Allthings Insights

With Allthings Insights, you have all the information about your properties at your fingertips and can view data on registration rates, bookings of your assets and tenant inquiries in real time. 

In addition, sentiment analysis can be used to gain insights into how satisfied your tenants are.

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