Allthings for Property Managers

Increase efficiency and yield, and boost tenant and employee satisfaction. Carry out tenant communication and operational services on one single digital channel.

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Get on the easy path to digital management

Digitise your processes to increase the efficiency of your team and tenant satisfaction.



Standardise, digitise, and automate operational processes.



Significantly increase your service quality with minimal effort.



More efficiency and transparency reduces stress on your team.



Simple and intuitive user experience with our special entry-level platform.

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The leader in digital tenant management

Allthings offers a cluster of core functions to increase efficiency and reduce costs by automating and standardising your operational processes.


Run efficient processes

Save time, money and nerves. Minimise costs and improve operational efficiency with a ticketing system for handling requests, digital communication, and documentation. With Allthings, operational costs are reduced while quality increases.

Offer quality service

Strengthen tenant loyalty by creating a central communication channel for the exchange of information and the solution of real estate issues. Your tenants will appreciate the transparency, simple communication and better service.

Prevent high turnover of staff

More satisfied tenants lead to more satisfied employees. More efficiency and transparency reduce stress and inquiries on the part of the administration. Fast and proactive communication with tenants increases their satisfaction.

Achieve competitive advantages

Stay competitive and stay ahead in this increasingly digitised industry. Take the first steps toward digitisation with Allthings while keeping costs down.

Reporting made easy

Access real-time insights on the performance of managed buildings with our analytics and survey tools, eliminating hassle when it comes to drawing up annual reports. Get detailed reports on incidents and in your buildings at the push of a button.

Avoid financial risk

Our proven framework for "Proof of Concept" helps you to validate the viability and feasibility of the project quickly - in a cost-effective way. With 7 years of experience on the market and successful implementations across Europe, we have the knowledge, expertise and proven processes to make your project a success.

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Quick start, expand over time

Getting started is easy: We have a four-step process that will guide you toward a successful launch. A modular design ensures that the Allthings platform can be adapted to your digitisation strategy on an ongoing basis.


Your designated Implementation Specialist will support you in configuring your Allthings solution based on your requirements and business needs.


Our experienced product trainers, supported by our training and support tools, will ensure that your team is fully capable of operating and managing your Allthings platform. 


We will help you to successfully launch your Allthings app with your tenants, providing guidance on the most up to date best practices around promoting your app with your tenant community.


In the long term, your designated Customer Success Manager will work with you to monitor and further develop your platform with the aim of making it even more successful.

In good company

More than 200 customers and partners rely on Allthings.

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