Up to 70% greater efficiency in processes

Increase the value of your projects and position them more
with your choice of features.

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Increase value

Allthings enables entirely new utilization and operating concepts for the real estate of tomorrow.


Utilization concepts 2.0

More valuable projects thanks to digitally assisted utilization concepts


Digital platform

Smooth digital communications on a wide range of topics, including repairs


Smart buildings

The digital platform simplifies the first steps toward smart, sustainable buildings


Comprehensive analytics

Transparent building thanks to comprehensive analytical evaluations

Like an app store for buildings

Basic features – and you choose precisely which third-party features you want

Basis Paket

  • Digital Magazine / Pinboard
  • Notifications
  • Service Center / Ticketing
  • Property Documentation
  • Unit Documentation
  • Cockpit
  • Business Support

Service Upgrades

  • E-Concierge
  • Room Booking
  • Parking Space Booking
  • Event Booking
  • On-site Services
  • Partner Offers
  • Local Commerce / Associations
  • Marketplace
  • Sharingplace
  • Neighborhood Help
  • 3D Models
  • User Portraits
  • Friends
  • Self Check-In
  • Public Transportation Schedules

Integration Upgrades

  • ERP Integration
  • Digital Tenant Documentation
  • FM Portal Integration
  • Energy Data Visualization
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Smart Parking Integration
  • Analytics
  • Integration of Third-party Micro-apps

In good company


More than 100 medium-sized and large companies already rely on Allthings.

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Allthings adapts to your needs and grows along with them

You, too, can shape the digital space around your real estate projects

Allthings lets you swiftly develop an expandable, scalable application for the operational phase of your current and future real estate projects.

Utilization concepts 2.0

Allthings helps you shape entirely new utilization concepts. Designed for everybody, but particularly ideal for specific target groups: business people on the go, expats, store managers, students, DINKs and golden agers alike are the perfect target groups for digitally assisted utilization concepts.

Efficient first-contact repair management

A service center with an integrated ticketing system swiftly collects information about shortcomings in a structured manner in order to identify issues immediately and prevent any damage to the developer’s image.

A first step toward the smart home of the future

Allthings uses open interfaces to help you get started and gradually integrate smart building facilities. That way, all of the services offered within one building are bundled together in one place.

Transparent communication

Instead of leaving communication up to the likes of Facebook or WhatsApp, the Allthings platform lets you keep communication close at hand and learn from events in the building.

Purchase sustainability certificates

The platform helps developers purchase green certificates for new buildings and renovations. These have a verifiably positive impact on property values, attainable rental income and cost savings.

Comprehensive analytics

All activity taking place in the applications can be analyzed anonymously to show what is happening in the properties. Only developers who have complete transparency can use these insights to benefit future projects.

Quick start, expand over time

Getting started is easy: We have a three-step process that will guide you toward a successful launch. A modular design ensures that the Allthings platform can be adapted to your digitalization strategy on an ongoing basis.


  • Master Data
  • Look & Feel
  • real-estate-developers

Set up your app in just a few steps.

Integrate partners

  • Inquiry
  • Offer
  • Training
  • Write Posts
  • Publication Schedule

The more content there is, the more the app will be used.


  • Tools
  • Events
  • Campaigns
  • Invite Users
  • Follow-up

We support you both during the launch – and after it.


Any more questions?

If you need any other information about our technology or our team, you’re in the right spot. Marc Beermann and Gregor Kälin would be happy to be of assistance if you are interested in our platform.


MarC Beermann

Chief Growth Officer
International & Germany



Gregor Kälin

Director Business  Development
Switzerland & Austria

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