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Digital Operations starter package (New buildings)

Our experts in the field of digital solutions support you in planning the digital operating landscape of your new building. Lay the foundation for an efficient digital operation of your new building in just four 1.5h workshops.

  ✓ Selection of applications for your new building
  ✓ Selection of partners & partner solutions for your use scenarios
  ✓ Review of desired solutions for network compatibility
  ✓ Support in the creation of calls for bids
  ✓ Clear price information for all digital applications
  ✓ Visualization of the digital infrastructure on the Allthings platform
  ✓ Seamless handover to on-site construction supervisors

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Digital Operations starter package (Portfolio)

Streamline your processes into an efficient core. We support you on the path to digital operations.

Book one of our workshop series and work with our experts on composing your customized roadmap to digitizing operations of your assets.

  ✓  Sketch of solutions and data flows for the existing digital infrastructure
  ✓  Selection of partner solutions for the desired use scenarios
  ✓  Review of partner solutions for network compatibility
  ✓  Direct access to the Allthings platform and all existing connectors
  ✓  Detail specifications for customer-specific connections
  ✓  Roadmap for the overall implementation of fully digital operation

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You select which digital services are suitable for your building or portfolio. We handle implementation. Our implementation specialists support you with roll-out and train you in proper usage.

Whether for new or existing digital services: we have the right training sessions for you and your employees.

  ✓ Draw the absolute maximum benefit out of our platform.
  ✓  Boost the efficiency and satisfaction of your employees
  ✓  We speak German, English, French, and Italian
  ✓  Broad range of webinars available, on-site training by request
  ✓ By request, training documentation tailored to the customer



Should any technical problems arise with the Allthings platform, our support team will resolve them quickly for you and your tenants. Visit our Help Center for FAQs about our platform.


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*Updated: June 2022

Customer Success 

We also offer a series of customer success packages to support you and your employees to even greater success in your running operations.

Our packages include:

  ✓  Customer-specific proposals for better utilization of Allthings
  ✓  Routine information on new functions and best practices
  ✓  Trainings on new and existing platform services
  ✓  Access to our Help Center
  ✓  Monthly webinars
  ✓  Analysis of user data


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