Allthings bundles a variety of sustainable services on one platform.

Sustainability has always been a major factor in the real estate industry, which is not only one of the most important industrial sectors but also responsible for 40% of total annual energy consumption. Trends such as the growing mobility of residents and employees, smart home services and the shared economy, for example, are simultaneously challenging the industry’s status quo while also opening up new opportunities.

Using Allthings can help real estate companies accommodate these environmental, economic and social developments while simultaneously promoting not only the sustainability of buildings but also the sustainable behavior of buildings’ users in many different ways.

Pooling of sustainable services

Allthings pools a multitude of sustainable services on one platform. The shared use of resources, digitalized communication and control over personal energy consumption - the Allthings platform’s modular structure makes all of this possible via one app, which can also be flexibly expanded to include additional services in the future.

Sustainability through the shared economy

A building’s users can share and book resources that are used jointly, such as workspaces, vehicles and conference rooms, through the Allthings platform. In a shared office, for instance, 2.5 employees can share one workspace. That translates to a 60% increase in resource efficiency. In the residential sector, too, shared resources including guest rooms, vehicles and bikes can be shared easily within a community through booking features, the local marketplace or via the app’s pinboard.

Greater insight into resource consumption

With the right functions integrated, Allthings users can gain access to their current and individual energy consumption statistics and even control their own consumption directly via the app. Having this degree of insight and control boosts residents’ awareness of their own energy consumption, costs as well as the environmental impact of their behavior – and verifiably contributes toward reduced consumption.

Instructions for a sustainable lifestyle

Instructions and tips on how to save energy, separate garbage and other ways to conserve resources are shared via Allthings on a regular basis. Users of buildings therefore have direct access to information about how to lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle. At the same time, Allthings also addresses aspects related to social sustainability by simplifying communication within the community.

Better sustainability evaluation and ranking

Allthings not only has a direct impact on resource consumption and improved asset utilization, it also influences sustainability ratings. The environmental impact of properties tops the agendas of most real estate developers, asset managers and property managers, with the degree of target achievement in the various categories being measured through labels and certification systems. Because the app lets buildings score higher on specific criteria measured within the rating systems, Allthings has a direct impact on numerous national and international sustainability ratings. The app helps properties reach a target level within the schemes more easily and affordably, or even puts previously unattainable sustainability rating goals within reach.