What our employees say about their work at Allthings

Who knows better what it's like to work at Allthings than our employees?
That's why we let them introduce ourselves at this point: 

Every quarter, we invite all employees to take the eNPS (short for Employee Net Promoter Score). Based on two questions, their satisfaction is measured quickly and easily. It is anonymous and the basis for measures and initiatives to continuously make daily working life even better. Here are some original quotes from our employees when asked what they like about working at Allthings:

  • “The freedom to work whenever from wherever”
  • “Good working environment”
  • “Highly professional staff mistakes are being cleared up effectively”
  • “Open honest culture”
  • “Work life balance, very warm and approachable team, great platform to learn end to end life cycle of a product.”
  • “The employees”
  • “The colleagues, the home-office-remote-work-policy, there's a fit for nearly everyone, appreciation of work from everyone”
  • “The culture, the characters, the spirit”
  • "Self-determination and -responsibility, flexibility, collaboration with colleagues*, good salary, diverse tasks"

Our Offices

The mission of the People Team: 
For a better life at work

We have bright and modern offices at our locations in Basel and Freiburg. There is enough space to cook pasta together, enjoy a delicious cappuccino and work quietly. 

Collage Office Freiburg Basel




The Team

The Allthings team consists of about 40 ambitious employees, based in our offices in Basel and Freiburg. We are united by the vision of making life in buildings a little better every day. Each team member contributes to this goal with their know-how and wealth of experience from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Even though we are located at different sites, we do not miss out on common activities - whether jogging together at the Global Real Estate Run, where we "ran" 90 new trees, collecting garbage together aka “Plogging” or online junk santa including drinking mulled wine together.

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