About Allthings

Allthings’ tenant management platform captures 100% of interactions between tenants, property owners and service providers. Customers do this in order to increase tenant loyalty, maximize efficiency and execute their digital brand strategy. In addition, Allthings allows customers to build up and control an ecosystem of partners that generate value beyond rent for tenants and owners, and to gather insights about their assets from the generated data. The Allthings platform offers a modular set of functions through its app store for buildings, to support residential and commercial tenant communities. It also offers an omnichannel communication infrastructure for easy tenant communication across all relevant communication channels, an open API, and SDK and interfaces for easy integration with 3rd party systems.

Founded in 2013 in Basel as a spin-off of ETH Zurich, the company has offices in Basel, Berlin and Freiburg. Its team has won numerous prizes and boasts a clientele that includes over 300 of Europe’s leading real estate companies and service providers.


Our Mission

Reach 100% of your tenants

Our vision for the Allthings platform is that tenants and property managers should have the simplicity of a single place for end-to-end communication that can include any common communication channel. Our customers want to provide a more valuable tenant experience, and to achieve transparency through excellent data quality. However, these are only aspirations, until all tenants can be reached.

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The Team

The Allthings Team consists of around 40 ambitious employees who are based in our offices in Basel, Berlin and Freiburg. We also have development and distribution partners throughout Europe. What unites us is the vision of making life in buildings a little better every day. Each team member contributes to this goal with his or her know-how and wealth of experience from a wide variety of backgrounds.