Use Allthings to connect anything still unconnected.

The Allthings ecosystem

Allthings was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of ETH Zurich. Inspired by the Internet of Things (IoT), the company’s founders pursued their dream of building a digital platform that can equip real estate properties with smart, digital services. The largest implementation of the Allthings platform to date can be found in the real estate industry: Allthings fits buildings and rental properties with an essentially unlimited array of digital features and services. The technology used by Allthings is based on two fundamental components: the web-based platform for professional players from the real estate industry as well as a mobile web application made available to the users of buildings.

The Allthings platform for the real estate industry

A dedicated, tailor-made application can be put together for each individual property, area and portfolio. Much like in an app store, a different blend of communication, service and smart-home features can be selected and combined in the form of micro applications - to meet the precise needs of any type of real estate.

The Allthings application for building users

The users of residential and commercial properties can access all of these services via one app. Some features include a digital pinboard for communicating with tenants, a digital service center for handling incidents between the management and tenants, a booking service for shared resources like parking spaces, concierge services or the integration of building technology features.


This technology’s modular design enables the integration of smart, digital services from third parties into the Allthings ecosystem. Similarly, any software developer can use the platform to make new features available to users. The result is an ever-expanding portfolio of features and services. Allthings thus serves the real estate industry by providing it with a software-as-a-service-based marketplace for digital building services.