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Whether craftspeople, car sharing or cleaning services - integrate high-quality service providers.


Integrate craftspeople
Simply forward damage reports to facility managers or directly a craftspeople platform.

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Make car sharing available
Research and book car sharing services easily through the app. 


Offer cleaning services
Integrate cleaning services and make them bookable on the app.


Payment via app 
App users can conveniently pay with their credit card on the app.


Integrate craftspeople

  • Add craftspeople directly to the platform for easier coordination
  • Forward damage reports in the Cockpit to facility managers or a craftspeople platform
  • Craftspeople can arrange appointments directly with the tenant
  • Provide contact information of craftspeople for emergencies

Make care sharing available 

  • Find the fastest routes from A to B easily through the app
  • Find and reserve cars closest to your location
  • Process bookings and payment through the app
  • Information on public transport and bicycle routes can be integrated additionally
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Offer cleaning services

  • Book cleaning services with just a few clicks
  • Select the desired scope of service through the app
  • Reduce your administrative and hiring costs
  • Enable convenient booking and payment through the app

Payment via app

  • From offer to payment, everything can be easily handled on the app
  • Make payment by credit card or invoice available to tenants
  • Payment and booking confirmation sent to tenants by email
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Other functionalities
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