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Receive, process, forward and resolve tenant inquiries and damage reports. With our ticketing system you have all tasks under control.

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Smart webform 
Tenants can easily and directly send their requests to the property manager via webform.

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Inquiries via app
Tenants can easily report damages and send inquiries through the app.

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Processing of tickets
Incoming tenant requests in the form of tickets can be processed centrally in the Cockpit.


Forward tenant requests
Forward tickets easily to responsible colleagues, service providers or a craftspeople platform.

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Send enquiries via app

  • Conveniently submit requests via app on your smartphone
  • Upload pictures for damage reports
  • Contact your property management at any time
  • Transparent overview of the current status of the request

Smart webform 

  • Easy and fast integration into existing systems
  • No login data necessary - conveniently accessible for all tenants
  • Language barrier-free tenant management
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Processing of tickets

  • Tenant inquiries arrive in the Cockpit in the form of tickets 
  • Overview of tenant request history at a single glance
  • Contact information for tenant inquiries always at hand
  • Transparent status overview of all requests

Forward tenant requests 

  • Allocate tenant requests to a colleague with a single click
  • Forward damage reports comfortably to facility managers or a craftspeople platform.
  • Craftspeople can arrange appointments directly with tenants
  • Minimize communication efforts
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Other functionalities
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